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Comrade Ifijen O.J Isaac,  hails from  Eteye in Owan East Local Government Area of Edo state.
He was born into the family of the Ifijens in the Eteye part of Owan East.

He acquired nursery, primary in Oje reliance primary school and secondary school education in Unuata/ holy trinty grammer school all in Owan West, Edo state. Afterwards, he gained admission to study business education at the prestigious Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo state.

Comrade Isaac has always been moving for a better Nigeria, right from his secondary school days, which was characterized by prominent traits of his leadership qualities so much so that his advice was often sought after as regards leadership issues. 

It suffice to say that Comrade Isaac has contributed to the growth and development of Nigeria in his own little way. This is mirrored in his total distaste for injustice or intimidation of innocent people, even as a University undergraduate. It was this remarkable trait of his that led to his appointment as the Elect ASG, shortly before he got into his second year at the university.
After a few years, he was made Eleco Secretary-General. It can be said that Comrade Isaac started serving in leadership roles as far back as his first year in the University, where he first served as Director of Sports and Socials. He also contested for the position of Student Union Speaker, in which capacity he served as a voice to the voiceless students.

During his time as a student union leader, he brought great change to the way and manner in which the system was run. It was during his time as Faculty Secretary General that a hall was built for the faculty and school. He leadership quality was so felt in AAU then  to the point that most people who never knew him before wanted to meet him.

His way of leadership is hinged on his desire to make everyone happy and he also puts in his best to make the people around him feel the benefits of government. All these and more were evident during his time as a Student Union Leader. Some students in his set still appreciate him till today for the way he helped to change AAU in his own little way.

On account of his distinctive leadership qualities, the students in Edo state came out willingly to vote in an election that made him the National President of Edo State students in Nigeria(NAESS).
Comrade Isaac was there to speak on behalf of  Nigerian students. He also organized some peaceful protests to make the government see to the provision of vital amenities that were lacking, as well as during the increment of school fees.

Looking at the life of Comrade Isaac, it is very obvious that he is a born leader. He has obtained several leadership certificates from different organizations including Google.
He is a blogger, and Chief Executive Officer of a media company by the name, One Observers Africa; a company registered in three African countries.
He is presently the Special Assistant to the Governor of Edo state on special duties and he is actually putting in his best in this office.

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