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The 10th day of October (10/10) unlocks a powerful gateway of energy that is all about taking steps in a new direction.

This day happened to be a dual celebration for me, my birthday and the day she said yes

I want to use this opportunity to appreciate you all for making my day.  

This brought joy to my heart yesterday with the love I received from you all from the warm texts, the calls and the cash Received, the gifts, I was short of words with the names of people that attended my birthday party I was truly surprised,  with the number of people that made themself available to birthday with so many names to mention. 

Special appreciation to my leader, my boss, and my mentor *honorable Marcus Onobun, chief whip Edo state house of assembly.* thank you for making your self available it’s meant a lot to me, special thank you to *Amb Collins aka Abuja SSA to Mr speaker, Amb Michael, SSA on media to Mr. Speaker, Mr Imoh, sir Collins SA to Mr speaker, Mr. Evlis, Mr. Ohis, special thanks to FOFSUL members and executives lead by Comr Enoije Omon, Mr. GT, Mr save, Hon Moses, Comr Bars Felix, Comr Edwin Okoliose, Comr Uyiosa, all my Doctor friends, sir Biggy. Special appropriation to members of my families, fiance families. 

There are so many people to say thank you to but the Lord will bless you all.

Lastly, With joy and happiness, I want to appreciate *my finance, thanks for all the birthday surprises, thanks for spoiling me with so much love,  I can’t say much thank you for saying yes to me you are truly a woman of so many quantities.

May God truly bless you all

Comr Isaac John Ifijen.

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