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Happy birthday to the chief coordinator of tmo

A joyfully happy birthday celebration. You have been a friend, brother, and leader of great dignity, you have imparted in so many life’s, you are a  man that has given us an example to live on, You are a man of great standard, indeed you are a blessing to your generation. 

You are a  leader that always stand for the truth in a hard situation, your lifestyle has brought hope to many hopeless persons in society. As you mark another beautiful year, many Gods protect your soul, and may all your secret prayer be heard. On this day many celebrations never depart from your household and life. That your smiling face will never see tears, but rather joy because your smile is a cure to many who are faithless. I know as you have added another year to your years the host Of heaven is celebrating because on this day a great king was born into this world. Once again happy birthday Amb Collions Aigbogun aka Abuja to the world. 

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