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Who really is to finance a wedding between the man and the woman?  This is a question that many singles ask often.

The man! The man should if he can. 

However, the woman can support if she is willing and can as well. There is no clear law anywhere in the world that stipulates that only the man must finance the wedding.

Due to the harsh economic realities in many countries, many marriages you see out there, their wedding wasn't financed by the man alone. The wives played a great role in it. Some women supported their men with as much as 50% of the wedding cost. In fact, i in some cases, the women financed the entire wedding.

Dear singles, when it comes to financing a wedding, there is no ONE rule as to how a wedding should be financed. It's at the lovers' discretion.

Now here is my advice to the single men: don't borrow to finance a wedding. Use what you have presently to wed.  If your woman wants something bigger than what you can afford, let her support you financially. But if she is insisting on a particular wedding that you can't afford and yet isn't supporting you financially, Bros, that's a bad omen. That's a red flag, a bad sign you must not take lightly. Call off everything and leave her, otherwise you will cry in that marriage.

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