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It is quite unfortunate that the Brief Bald head from the midget group of Oshiomhole called Ezomon Ak has decided to join his friend JAS to talk ill about Esan leaders. Funny enough, the two frustrated fellows are from the marginalized part of Edo North who are neither considered qualified for Senate, Governor, Minister or any other reasonable Federal Appointment by he who considered himself as the demi god of Etsako, Adams Oshiomhole. But unfortunately, instead of the two young men to be in sober reflection about their Owan and Akoko-Edo respectively, that is fast going into extinction, they are on social media talking about Esanland and Esan leaders as if Esan leaders are responsible for the irrelevance Oshiomhole has made their tribe to become in Edo North. 

Dear Ezomon Ak are they forbidding your own Owan from being Senator in Edo North, are you not ashamed? If at all your people can not contest for Governor, do they forbid being appointed into Federal Ministry or agency, how many of the Federal appointment given to Oshiomhole did he give to any Owan man or Akoko-Edo man? Instead of all these to be your problem, you are talking about Esan leaders who seats at any time to share political position evenly among their Local Government without one kneeling on the neck of others. Let me remind you Mr man that a fool at forty is a fool forever, no Esan child, let alone adult like you, will be as useless as you are to your Owan people to the extent of singing the praises of his oppressor. Since you have decided to be Oshiomhole's praise singer after relegating your people to nothing in Edo North, let that be your decision and stop venting your frustration on Esan leaders. And most importantly, you are not in any place to talk about Esan Agenda, no one in your group that supported Oshiomhole and Ize-iyamu in their attempt to make Esan wait to be Governor forever is qualified to say anything about Esan Agenda. If you want to talk about any Agenda, dare initiate your own in Edo North let us see if Oshiomhole or any Etsako man will rally round you. In Edo North, you are considered as sub-humans and not complete humans, are Wasn't leaders also the cause?  

If nobody is advising you to act your age or act responsible on social media, at least, won't you advise yourself? Instead of you to be concerned about your Owan that the Etsako man is driving into extinction, you are here disgracing your village people. How on earth will Owan ever experience light if people like you are those they put hope. I say again, tell us the number of Federal appointment Oshiomhole gave to Owan in all the ones he was given that he packed to Etsako. They only need your people when it is time to fight, nothing more, and at this point, they call it Afemai to catch you people mugu but when the fight is over and they have gotten what they want, they separate the sheep from the goat. Yet, you are not ashamed or concerned, but opening the gutter in your face to talk about a well politically structured Esanland and her great leaders, nonsense and ingredients 

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