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I am here to associate myself with you for all the good things you are doing for the state, and to let you know we are watching.
You have brought in your capacity as a player in the private sector, combining your wealth of experience from the private sector with that of the public sector to take the state to a greater heights.
You are one of the greatest Finacial engineers this country has ever produce, as your success is there for all to see In the private sector. I am sure you are applying the same principle in the public sector because the people of Edo State need you to put up a good legacy that posterity will always remember you for.
Edo state is fortunate to have you as governor, you are forthright discipline and articulate in all you do. I am very positive you are going to change the narrative in governance. We in the traditional institution should be very supportive of you for your laudable achievement in the state, encouragement like this visit should come once in a while.
You are not alone that much I can assure you from the throne Ododuwa.
Let's keep a date with Governor Godwin Obaseki, September 19th, vote PDP for more Development.

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