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Obaseki signed an MoU to build a refinery, it’s only on paper, it’s not on ground” - Another EPM leader Adamu says on National TV.

Attached are photos from the Edo modular refinery Adamu said was only on paper. It’s 95% completed.
The Governor gave the company the land, tarred the roads leading to the refinery, and helped with a start up funds of 700million naira so that they could get the work start on time. Due to these provisions and enabling environment the Governor has provided, the company has even agreed to expand in size after this one is completed and fully functional.
Part of the MoU agreement is that, our Edo people will be trained, and employed to occupy important jobs in the refinery.
Obaseki’s dream to industrialize our state with mega projects and companies is what EPM leaders are working very hard to stop by lying sheepishly. We won’t allow them because it affects our future and our wellbeing.

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