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Why Obaseki Will WIN

1) Solid track record of real development of Edo in the last 4 years; Ize-Iyamu has no track record, except you stretch back to 2008, 12 years ago when he was SSG in the government; his role then was divisive and full of inordinate tussle with the elected authorities.

2) Obaseki and Shaibu brings a strong ticket to the election. Shaibu is relatively young, coming from Students Unionism and Labour backgrounds with a strong command of Youth following, has won three elections as State and Federal legislator; and has worked loyally with the Governor. Shaibu is expected to take Edo North; Ize-Iyamu has an untested deputy Governor candidate, with potential combustion, given Ize-Iyamu's domineering tendencies and the fact that Audu was imposed by
3) The combined governance, legislative and political experience in the Obaseki ticket cannot be compared to Ize-Iyamu. The digital era reforms in the civil service and overall governance is beyond the grasp of Ize-Iyamu Simple Agenda.
4) While Ize-Iyamu boast of politicians as core base, his type of politicians have been validly labelled as Revenue Warlords, Touts in the form of Tigers and Lions; Obaseki has evolved a new generation political class and volunteers who are professionals. Obaseki has the veteran principled politicians who are respected; the mainstream elites and the formidable Tony Anenih political family is with him. The Igbinedion family, unhappy with Ize-Iyamu's negative influence in the government of His Excellency Lucky Igbinedion and also, more crucially, the insults heaped on the revered Esama of Benin by Oshiomhole when he was Governor, despite the fact that the Igbinedions supported him to emerge, can never be wished away.
5) This election will throw in the impact of volunteer groups who have massively mobilised their various Units. There is unprecedented involvement of Edo indigenes outside of the State and in the Diaspora who want Edo to be freed from retrogressive forces. The real law abiding masses, including traders and artisans are with the Governor and have been victims of the reign of terror under the Lions and Tigers.
6) While Obaseki has attracted huge foreign counterpart funding into concrete projects, Ize-Iyamu and Oshiomhole seem to lack the requisite exposure and skills to work with disciplined and professional multilateral institutions; they don't understand economic development.
7) Obaseki has cleared salary and pensions arrears left behind by Oshiomhole's arbitrariness. Obaseki has calmed lenders, capped borrowing and restored financial credibility to the markets; Ize-Iyamu is perceived as incapable, ill-equipped and prone to pander to his type of core politicians who are rapacious Revenue Warlords and voracious touts. Pensioners, salary earners, contractors and traders that rely on cash flows from a responsible government are actively campaigning for Obaseki.
8) The combined political pillars in PDP, including 2 out of 3 senators; massive defections from APC to PDP; APC members that support Ize-Iyamu are mainly EPM, the splinter group sponsored by Oshiomhole as then APC Chairman; and the wooing with cash of some Obaseki value-vulnerable supporters, including legislators and appointees by that Benin Billionaire that is also a Federal level Revenue Warlord.
9) Oshiomhole's damning demolition of Ize-Iyamu in 2016 and his attempt to do a bold-faced refutation in 2020 has generated so much disgust, as the Nation watch whether Edo can be taken for such a blatant ride......the electorates are rooting to re-affirm that this is the Great Edo with worldwide history.
10) Oshiomhole's sack from APC Chairman position is being interpreted to mean that if Abuja is uncomfortable with Oshiomhole why should Edo follow his endorsement of Ize-Iyamu. Also, the EPM momentum is deflated without the garrulous presence of Oshiomhole in Abuja.
11) Edo electorates have built strong confidence in Obaseki as a disciplined, prudent, pro-people Governor that follows developmental plan. The electorates believes that the plan is moving and will get to them; they don't want any disruption of the orderly, tested plan which will be rapidly replicated across Edo in the second term.....

12) The Constitution made provision for a second term so that the electorate can renew the Mandate of a Performing Governor; or remove a non performing governor. Obaseki has performed meritoriously; Oshiomhole that is fighting to foist Ize-Iyamu did two terms as a "unanimous, unopposed, consensus" candidate.
In contrast, Obaseki was denied a "consensus" ticket and was also, denied the basic opportunity to compete in APC Primaries; Edo people see this as an unacceptable, undemocratic oppression by the godfathers and an attempt to deny them the Public Services of one of the best Governors in Nigeria.....
13) PDP South South governors in particular, the national PDP governors' forum in general and PDP elders across the country see Edo as a massive brand building and repositioning opportunity to pepe dem; APC hierarchy will want to know the real truth about the Edo political imbroglio through a free and fair election. This truth is necessary to rebuild APC from the ruins that Oshiomhole was masterminding.
It will be a landslide that will re-set political party participation in Nigeria; Oshiomhole has so over-heated Edo politics that Edo men and women of goodwill, acting as volunteers will join ACTIVE politics after this landslide victory and reclaim Edo from the myopic Lions and Tigers....
The expected mammoth voters turnout and keen global interest in this election will make it compelling for all facets of the election proper to be Free and Fair.....

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