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Edo has always being a peaceful place where almost every tribes in Nigeria can live without any form of embarrassment or Segregation and its has also be an atmosphere of economy growth and advancement  

we want to appreciate our indefatigable Oba of Benin kingdom for His inexhaustible love and transformation towards all Edo people.

Posterity will not forgive us if we failed to appreciate His Excellence the Governor of Edo State prior to the security measures and developmental strides in all sectors all over Edo state, we appreciate you Mr Governor.

We want to in a sincere way appreciate all Edo people for their sacrifices and love in making Edo what it is today and on the other hand we urge all Edo indigenes to continuously to fight against every social violence in Edo state, let desist from cultism, thuggery, electoral malpractices and crimes, don't allow those persons whose children's do not know anything like poverty or suffering engage you on any of the above Vices, you are a noble Youth of Edo, don't allow them take away your future from you all because of two thousands naira or thereabout.

Let come out and Make Edo Great Again (MEGA) with you PVC.

Let say NO to those who think they are the tigers and Lions of Edo

Let say NO to Agberos

Let say NO to Political Thuggery

Let say No to Godfatherism

Let say NO to Backwardness.

Let Vote OBASEKI AND SHAIBU , Vote PDP  comes Sept 19th.

Let Make Edo Great Again (MEGA).

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